Selling Your Items to Seagull Antiques

We are always looking to purchase elegant and unique quality items. Here is some information about how we work and the kind of items we purchase.

Buying Details

Seagull Antiques is always looking for elegant and unique quality items. We will make house calls within a 25-mile radius of Acton, MA, whether you are looking to sell an estate or a single item.

If the seller has a price in mind, we will pay the asking price if we are interested in the items. If the seller does not have a price in mind, we will come to a mutual agreement for the price of the items. All items are paid for in full before they are removed from an estate.

If the entire estate is purchased, we will come to the home with a crew and truck to remove the items.

Looking to Buy

Seagull Antiques is always looking to buy the following items:

Gold and Silver
Teddy Bears
Old Toys
Oriental Rugs
Vintage Textiles
Art Glass
Unusual Items
Post Cards
Nautical Items
Military Items
Costume Jewelry


Seagull Antiques welcomes the opportunity to provide an appraisal of your items. We will provide a verbal appraisal but not a written one. Customers are always welcome to bring items into the shop. We will tell them what we think the items are worth, and will purchase them outright if a customer is interested in selling them.