Seagull Antiques’ thirty-year tradition of excellence began in 1975, and continues to this day ...


Seagull Antiques began its history a little over thirty years ago. Started by Al and Carole Siegal, a hobby blossomed into a business soon after both their children graduated from college. A quest for the unique and wonderful is what made the business grow and flourish. Al had an interest in fine silver, paintings, and military items. Carole always bought with an eye for fine furniture and the truly unique and eclectic items.

Carole and Al SiegalTogether they were a force to be reckoned with. Al’s business savvy and Carole’s knowledge grew their business beyond what either had ever anticipated. They were flying high until 2001 when Al passed away from a sudden diagnosis of kidney cancer. What had always been a family venture with both of their children – Wendy and Steve – helping out, took on a different meaning without Al’s involvement.

Things are not quite the same, but the business continues to go on. Al’s presence can still be felt in the shop, and certainly his influence still permeates many of the decisions Carole makes today. If you have a chance to speak with any of the family, they will all tell you, “He taught us well. We all knew exactly what to do after Dad died. We all knew what our roles were, and what we needed to do to continue on with the business.”

Part of Al’s legacy is the third generation he left behind. A granddaughter, Eirian, has inherited his interest and business savvy. At twelve years of age, she can be seen selling and packing at a myriad of antiques shows the family does across New England. Al’s grandson Ben also helps out at many of the different shows. Carole and her daughter Wendy continue to seek out the truly electic items, and to laugh and smile when they discuss “What would Dad think?”. after the items are purchased. Steve continues to pack the truck for the various shows, and still shakes his head over some of the newest acquisitions.

Carole is still going strong. Buying the unusual and items of quality – silver, porcelain, paintings, jewelry, furniture – is something that will never change. The shop has always been wholly owned, and will continue that way, which is a rarity in these tough economy times. Stop by today and check out the inventory of ever changing unique items.